5 simple eco-friendly travel tips

From carbon emissions emitted by planes to single-use cutlery and plastic toiletries, it is safe to say staying eco-friendly whilst traveling can be quite the challenge. Also, when living on a small island it can be quite hard to escape in an eco-friendly way since getting the ferry is not always an option (unless you are a hardcore Sicily fan). We all definitely love to get away, whether it is short weekend breaks or far-away exotic destinations, so even though we cannot influence the carbon impact of the aviation industry, we can make changes in our traveling habits and do our part in reducing the amount of plastic used!

Here are 5 simple tips and tricks on how to be more eco-conscious while traveling.

1. Bring your own water bottle

This is the easiest way to reduce your plastic footprint, as drinking water stations are available at almost all airports. Tap water may be safe to drink in a lot of countries, so fill up your bottle before you head out on your daily adventures!

2. Collapsible mug

Travel usually requires a lot of coffee/tea, especially when waiting around at airports, so bring your own Stojo and ditch the takeaway cups! Some coffee shops might even give discounts if you bring your own, so might as well save some cash whilst travelling!

3. Eco-travel toiletries

Instead of buying shower gels, shampoos and conditions in mini plastic bottles, substitute them for soap bars! You can pack them in reusable bags like Stasher or in metal containers. And grab a bamboo toothbrush and hairbrush while you’re at it!

4. Say no to plastics onboard

This is totally doable! First of all, you can prepare your own travel food that you can pack in Stasher bags or wrap in Bee’s Wraps. If you’re travelling far and simple sandwiches and snacks won’t be enough, bring your own mini eco-friendly cutlery (like Rebels with a Cause bamboo cutlery set) and say ‘No, thanks’ to those given out onboard. Also, when ordering drinks on the plane inform the crew you do not need plastic stirrers, straws or cups! Every little helps!

5. Choose eco-friendly accommodation

There are many eco hotels, hostels, and lodges around the world, so choose one that supports sustainable tourism! Such places will have policies set in place that minimise the consumption of water, electricity, use eco products and promote eco practices such as beach or forest cleanups.

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