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Introducing eco elements and practices into offices should already be on everyone’s radar, however if you haven’t had the chance to brainstorm or suggest eco ideas to your boss just yet, we’ve prepared a short list of five ways to implement eco awareness into office cultures.

1. Bring your own reusable bottles and mugs

Four words – water and coffee refills! Once you have your own stylish water bottle and funky coffee mug and you’re seen using it on a regular basis, others will follow suit! Give disposable coffee cups the evil eye, add some facts to the kitchen small talk about the dangers of single-use plastic and you’ll surely see some colleagues converting to the green side! 

2. Eco stationery & promotional materials

Many office suppliers now have online catalogues dedicated to eco friendly workplace materials such as biodegradable pens, pencils made from recycled materials, paper bags, stylish reusable tote bags, notebooks and other gadgets made from wood, cork and other green materials. There is no harm in making the suggestion to the office and/or marketing manager! 

3. Mindful printing

Keep in mind not only the printing of documents, but also things such as notepads, paper coasters or any other single-use items that are not essential to your business. Think twice before you press print and re-use badly printed or old documents as note paper.

4. Sustainable partnerships

Aim to form partnerships with suppliers that embrace sustainable practices such as sustainable forestry, use of renewable energy in production processes, but also actively engage in green CSR initiatives and promote fair trade and recycling. If a company is proud to support or use such practices, it will surely be on their website, so do some background checks! 

5. Organise eco volunteering

Be the leader and take the initiative in your team, department or whole office to organise beach clean-ups, plogging meet-ups (the Swedish term for running and picking up litter on the way) or up-cycling workshops as team building activities. Aim to create a culture of celebrating Earth Day by organising such fun activities or raising funds for green initiatives. 

The key is to remember that each small change starts from us, so go make that first green move and see the world start to change for the better.

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